To make a reservation, log into your Yoma Car Share account. We recommend to use Yoma Car Share on mobile app, which is available on both Google Play Store, App Store and Huawei App Gallery, for convenient reservation and travel experience.

Find a car

To book a car, go to "Find a car" on either Yoma Car Share website or mobile app, and choose your preferred rental hub and time for the pick-up and drop-off.


Extra Driver

If another person beside you is driving the car during the rental period, fill in the information in "Extra Driver" during the booking process. In case of an accident caused by another person driving the car without the Extra Driver information, your insurance coverage will be voided.

Deposit, Payment & Refund

As an individual member, there will be a deposit of when renting a car.

For Credit and Debit Card users, the deposit and the estimated rental cost will be pre-authorized on your credit card and captured on your debit card 15-minute before the reservation start time. Your reservation will be automatically cancelled if this transaction is not successful. The deposit will be refunded after the end trip. (Please be noted that the refund process takes 3 to 30 working days depending on your bank.)

If you reserve with WavePay, KBZPay, MPU, the deposit and the estimated rental cost will be deducted from your wallets and account at the time of the reservation. At the end of the trip, we will refund the estimated rental cost via WavePay, KBZPay, MPU with the deposit or request for more based on the actual invoice. (Please be noted that the refund process for WavePay and KBZPay take 48-72 working hours. MPU refund processs will take within 21 to 30 working days. Reservation pick-up time cannot be changed for all reservations made with WavePay,KBZPay and MPU.)

KM Charges

The estimated rental cost shown during the reservation process does not include KM Charges. KM Charges are applied to the kilometer you drive from the start of your reservation to the end. You can check the KM Charge rate of each car model during your reservation process.

Terms & Conditions

When you reserve, you are required to acknowledge and agreeTerms & Conditions; a copy of which will also be sent to you with your reservation confirmation email.Terms & Conditions