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Rent on the go anytime and anywhere you want like your own car.


Reserve and pick-up the car at any car rental hub near you anytime of the day without having a need to meet us in person.


We are not just a regular car rental. We are a car rental that is fully system automated. You don't need a key to access to drive our cars!


All payments on Yoma Car Share is done via Credit/Debit Cards or other payment platforms - MPU, WavePay, KBZPay; making it convenient for our customers to use our car rental services.

Fuel Inclusive

Refill at our authorized fuel stations at no charge and if you fill at other suppliers, you can claim your invoice from your reservation.


You are covered for GGI Insurance if you hold Myanmar Driving License or ASEAN Driving License. If you hold ASEAN Driver License and International Driving Permit, you are covered with the excess damage waiver of USD 300 insurance policy. i.e. if you don’t violate any traffic rules and regulations, the maximum you have to pay for damage is USD 300. Please check more in Terms & Conditions.

Available Nationwide

We are the only car rental service in Myanmar that is available nationwide.


Never have to worry about maintaining your car again. Not only do we have regular maintenance on our cars, we also offer replacement when you have an accident during your car rental period.

24/7 Support

We are always here to support you throughout your whole journey. Our hotline is standby to assist you 24/7 365 days.

Brand-new Vehicles

From Compacts, Sedans, MPVs to SUVs, 10 Seaters and 14 Seaters, we offer a wide range of models that suit your on-demand transportation and car rental needs.