Starter Pack

In every Yoma Car Share vehicle, there is a “Starter Pack” in the glove box to assist you with your journey on the road. Items you can find in the Starter Pack of your car rental are:

  • Fuel Books & Cards from our authorized partners Denko, Max Energy, PT Power, BOC and 360 Petro so that you can refill your rental car nationwide in Myanmar at no charge. Please keep the receipts in the Starter Pack after you refill. (The password for Denko fuel card is the last 4-digit of your rented vehicle's registration number. If you can’t find our partners, you can refill at any fuel stations and claim your invoice from your Current Reservation.)
  • Vehicle Registration Card
  • Wheel Tax Card
  • Information about steps to follow in case of an accident, and
  • ASEAN Driving Permit Letter that allows drivers with ASEAN license to be eligible for driving in Myanmar.

In every vehicle, we also provide -

  • emergency kits
  • a small fire extinguisher
  • a phone charger cable
  • an umbrella
  • a hand sanitizer bottle
  • a temporary tap card
  • alcohol free hanging car perfume

These are not for taken and there will be an additional charge for each item if you took or any damages.

Have a safe journey and remember, we are here to assist you 24/7 365 at our hotline 09YOMAFLEET(09966235338)