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How Yoma Car Share works


Become a Corporate or Individual member for free of charge within minutes to enjoy Yoma Car Share car rental services.


Reserve any car model anytime on the go. We offer different car models nationwide in Myanmar.


Lead the journey at your pace with the self-drive car rental service. Flexibility and convenience make your trip planning hassle free with Yoma Car Share.


Returning the car doesn't have to be complicated. You can pick-up the car from one rental and drop off at another rental hub with a one-way drop option.

Yoma Car Share is a self-drive hourly to monthly car rental in Myanmar with 24/7 365 customer support. We keep our fleet fresh and we are available nationwide. Planning for a business trip, vacationing with a family or exploring Myanmar? We have different car models that suit your needs. We are keyless, cashless, contactless, self-drive and system-automated car rental. You can rent on the go with us and it is so easy to use. Let's go together!

Our Rental Hubs

Our rental hubs are located at strategic locations making it easy for our customers to access the cars. With more than 30 rental hubs in Myanmar, we offer our car rental services in major cities and airports in the country. We continue to expand our rental hub locations so that our customers can seamlessly plan for their trips at different locations in Myanmar.

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