Join as an individual

Join as an Individual

Email Confirmation

The first step in becoming a Yoma Car Share member as an individual is to confirm your email address. A one-time password (OTP) code will be sent to your email and fill this OTP in the confirmation page to continue with the registration process.

Registration Form

Please fill all the required information in the membership registration form. To become a Yoma Car Share member,

  1. a phone number
  2. an address
  3. a valid driver license or international driving permit (ASEAN driver licenses are eligible to use in Myanmar without the international driving permit.)
  4. NRC/Passport
  5. proof of address or ID-selfie and
  6. Payment card on Yoma Car Share profile (a saved payment method on Yoma Car Share such as Visa/Master Debit/Credit Card in which the Card expiry date must be less than 4 years from the application date)
  7. Ward Recommendation (if the Card expiry date is more than 4 years, we require a Ward Recommendation that is issued that within 7 days from the application date specifically to rent a car from Yoma Fleet Limited (or) a recommendation letter from a Yoma Group employee.

We DO NOT require a saved payment method or Ward Recommendation letter if the user is recommended by a Yoma Group employee. A Yoma Group employee means someone who is a permanent employee at Yoma Group with the Yoma Group work email address.

We may still request a Ward Recommendation letter regardless of a saved payment method. Proof of address can be your electricity bill, phone or internet bill, rental contract among others. For more information, reach us at our hotline. For ID-Selfie, hold your NRC or passport near your face, take a selfie and upload it. The NRC/Passport in the image must be legible.

Once you have filled the necessary information, your account will be approved and you can start booking on our website or mobile app.

Join as a Corporate

Inquiry Form

If you are interested in becoming a Yoma Car Share corporate account holder, please fill the inquiry form first.

Key Account Connect

After your inquiry, a Key Account person will contact you within 24-hour for the membership process. Your Key account person will support you from the registration process to registration process to reservation.

Submit Form and Required Documents

Submit the required forms and documents to access your credit limit and terms.

Account Approval

Your corporate account will be approved within 10-hour from the document submission and the maximum you have to wait is 48-hour. We recommend to submit all the required documents for the speedy account approval process.

Corporate Agreement

Once your account has been approved, you will have to sign a corporate agreement with us.

Start self-driving

As soon as your corporate account membership agreement has been signed, you can start reserving and self-driving on Yoma Car Share. All you need to access our cars is Yoma Car Share app on your smartphone - we are keyless and contactless rental.

Join as a corporate